Waterloo Poker Classic

Canada's Best Poker Experience

The Waterloo Poker Classic is the biggest tech-focused poker tournament in Canada.  We bring together tech founders, investors, executives, employees, and board members for unforgettable evenings of fun.  Our private events are held about once a quarter and the style of play is no limit Texas hold 'em.

The Waterloo Poker Classic is about bringing people together.  Our events are for the community and by the community.  Our team of dedicated volunteers do not make any money by putting together our extremely special poker events.  This results in the best poker experience money can't buy.

It also results in a tournament where every penny invested by players in the form of an entry fee is 100% allocated to the prize pool.  Our dealers are volunteers, our tournament directors are volunteers, and even our venues are volunteered.  To borrow from legendary investor Dr. Burton Malkiel, at our games, you actually get what you don't pay for.